What Is a 3 Position Lift Chair

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Most three-position lift chair users are not necessarily advanced in age, but some have disabilities and mobility problems. Standing up from a seated posture may be a challenge to some people, and some must get extra help. You could also be recovering from surgery, in which you may endure some mobility struggles for weeks and even months.

All this may be tough, and if you’re solo, it’s best to get a three-position lift chair. It comes in various sizes, colors, textures, and styles to match your home décor and taste preference.

What Is a 3 Position Lift Chair?

Some refer to this chair as a 3-chair recliner that enables users to recline into a sleeping position comfortably, a conventional straight posture, and even a semi-reclined position. In addition, you can adjust the chair to the level of a 2-position chair and beyond. Typically, there is no space between the footrest and the seat. You operate the chair with a single motor that has all the control settings to allow you to rest at any posture.

If you love sleeping and relaxing on the couch, a 3-way recliner is just the right seat. It’s not only comfortable but supportive when watching TV, working on your laptop, or just relaxing. You don’t need to have a mobility issue when buying this type of seat. Anyone can use it, and it makes it easier and involves zero straining when moving from a seated posture to a standing one.

Benefits of a 3 Position Lift Chairs

Customized Comfort

The kind of support you get in this seat model is infinite. If you find it challenging to stand up after hours of being seated, you should buy this chair. You can comfortably adjust to a different position to fit your relaxing mode. This means that a 3-way recliner adapts to your position. Whether you are standing, resting, having your feet up, or intending to recline fully, the seat is just amazing.

Pain and Tension Relief

If you’re dealing with aching pain, you know that good posture is one way of relieving the discomfort. For example, you could adjust this chair to a reclining position while lifting your feet to relieve back pain, muscle aches, and even arthritis discomfort. Getting up is also not an issue as you only adjust the chair in an inclining position.

Increased Independence

When going through a post-surgery recovery or any other form of pain, it’s common to depend on others from time to time. Getting up from your seat may require assistance, but with 3-way recliners, you are more independent. You can comfortably sit on the chair and raise yourself without help from others.

Easier to Customize

You’re not limited to a boring design and style. Depending on your weight, height, and size, you can customize a three-position lift chair to fit your needs and preferences. You can choose the fabric you love most to fit your home decor and taste.

Durable Models

You will find high-quality and durable 3-way recliners that furniture artisans make. Your seat will serve you for years while still in good shape. Investing in a good seat will secure your investment and gives you peace of mind.

dark brown leather chair recliner

Additional Accessories

Most recliners contain extra compartments that you can use for storing your drinks, snacks, books, and even mobile phones. But nicer recliner chairs have better and improved extra accessories that make you comfortable. These may include:

  • In-built massage system to help relieve muscular aches and tension
  • A reading light to improve your reading ambiance
  • Arm covers to protect your chair from wear and tear
  • Detachable heat pad cushion where you can support your feet and promote blood circulation.

Cons of a 3 Position Lift Chair

Costly: You may find these seat models a bit expensive compared to standard recliners. This is due to the extra features to help users with mobility issues, muscle aches, and pain.

Bulky and Restricts Outdoor Use: 3-position lift chairs occupy a lot of space, limiting users with small indoor space. You will also be confined to a specific area in your home as the seats are best for an indoor setting. In addition, moving the seat from one room to another is a huge task that may need extra help with.

How To Choose The Right Model

Buying a 3-position lift chair is a huge step. The best way to ensure your money is worth the seat investment is by ensuring you choose the suitable model. By understanding your needs and taste, you can make your purchasing decisions perfect. Consider the below factors.

Size: Know your height and weight before buying the seat, as different models have different dimensions. Buying too large or small may be ineffective and a waste of your money. Also, you will find it challenging to change position if the seat is inappropriate for you.

Fabric Color and Maintenance: Choose a color and design that best fits your style and blends with your décor. You may find it easier or challenging to maintain depending on the fabric. It’s best to go for stain-resistant fabric that can be easily cleaned.

Intended Use: Purchase a seat that will provide you with the level of assistance you need with minimal ease. Some models are suitable for therapeutic use, while others are just for comfort and relaxation. Once you know the intended purpose, you will quickly identify what will work best for you.

Price and Warranty: Different models vary in terms of cost. So include your budget in the purchase decision process. Lastly, it’s crucial to check the warranty period in the case of repair plans to secure your investment.


A three-position lift chair is a good model for anyone experiencing back pains, muscle aches, certain illnesses like arthritis, and mobility issues. The seat will help you stay longer in a position without worrying about pain and challenge when getting up from a reclined position. So, buying this seat model is worth the investment, considering the health benefits you will achieve. Lastly, you can always customize the seat to fit your décor, taste, and style.

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