Sure Fit Lift Chair Cover Review

Sure Fit Lift Chair Cover Review

As we grow older, we are more susceptible to getting problems like arthritis and other types of conditions that can affect our way of living. Most times when we develop these conditions, it limits our mobility, making it hard to move around and stand up, which makes it hard to do daily tasks.

Some companies create different types of products and tools to help combat these obstacles, and one of the things invented is the lift chair. This is a chair that enables those who have trouble standing to stand without straining themselves or needing help from others.

As with any great creation, there are ways to improve it and make it better. One way that this is achieved with the lift chair is the use of lift chair covers. The cover allows you to decorate and experiment with style and design while at the same time getting the help you need.

Sure Fit Lift Chair Cover

Also, the lift chair is an investment and something that you will have for a long time after purchasing it, and we all know that furniture can begin to wear and tear after a while.

Using a lift chair cover will prevent the need for reupholstering, which is a long and tedious process that involves the removal of fabric and replacing it after it begins to wear. You would have to remove all the staples and tacks and anything that holds the fabric in place, buy new fabric, and replace it using various tools.

You could always use services that companies provide to do it for you, but you would have to pay for all the fabric that it requires and for the labor itself, which can get a bit pricey. Another option would be buying another chair.

But, instead of going out and spending a lot of money to replace your entire lift chair, you can buy something as simple as a cover to bring more life to it. Read on to learn more about how the Sure Fit lift chair cover might be the right choice for you.


One thing you want to consider when buying a lift chair cover is the size. It is necessary to check the measurements of the cover to ensure that it will fit the recliner you have correctly. Getting one that is either too small or too big could lead to ripping if too small and not being as comfortable as it should be if it's too large.

The best way to prevent this from occurring is to carefully measure the width of the chair you have and its back circumference and compare it to the measurements of the lift cover. You can access the measurements online and further in this article.


There are many different brands of lift chair/recliners that the Sure Fit lift chair cover brand is compatible with. Names such as Magic Union and Divano Roma Furniture are a couple of examples that will be perfect for the size of the cover, and there are many others as well.

As long as you have a lift chair that is not too big or too small, the chair you have will be able to be used with our cover smoothly and without any problems.

The Product


  • ​Various color options to suit your style
  • ​Fits large lift recliners of different types
  • ​Made with stretch fabric for a snug fit and easy application


Sure Fit is a company that makes the best quality furniture covers and accessories at an affordable price for its consumers. With their covers and slipcovers being machine washable, easy to apply, and fashionable, they are the perfect choice when choosing lift covers.

We have no doubts that your choice in this brand of lift chair covers will be worth it and there will be no regrets. Continue reading our review to decide whether it's the right for you!


Deciding how to spice up your current lift chair is important, considering how there are quite a few options to choose from. You have the option to get rid of your current and purchase a new one, which can be a bit expensive since recliners can cost hundreds of dollars.

You also have the option to fix your lift chair in a shop, but that can be time-consuming and isn't worth the money. What better way to change up your lift chair than a cover that is very affordable and fashionable at the same time?

Sure Fit Lift Chair

The Sure Fit lift chair cover comes in four colors to choose from chocolate, garnet, cream, and taupe. You can't go wrong choosing from any of these colors because they are neutral, meaning they can blend in well in almost any style of living spaces.

Another feature that we love about the product is how easy it is to assemble and place on your chair. You start off with removing the cover out of the packaging and putting it on the shoulders of your chair. You then pull the cover over the back of the chair and wrap the elastic band along the bottom.

Next, you use the attached labels on the inside of the cover and position the corresponding labels on the arms and the footrest. On the side of the recliner that has the lever, you use the lever opening made in the cover to place over it for easy accessibility to the lever.

After the cover is placed on the chair correctly, begin smoothing the fabric over it and tuck the excess in the folds of the chair. Just like that, your chair has been transformed and reinvented to be more chic and fashionable in under ten minutes!

What Others Say

Almost all of the customers that have purchased this cover for their lift chair and recliner says that they love the stretch of the material, and we agree with them! Because of the fabric's stretchy material, it can go over furniture smoothly and hugs every part of the chai perfectly for a nice, new, sleek look.

Sure Fit Lift Chair Cover Review

The only issue you may come across with having this cover is that it may be a bit difficult for the fabric to stay tucked in a leather chair. This is not a big issue, since to combat this you may need to tuck in and adjust the fabric a little more often than other types of chairs.

Buying Advice

When buying this cover, as mentioned earlier in the article, it is important to make sure the size fits your chair. The seat width for this cover is 20" to 23", and the back circumference is 68" to 78".

This chair cover is also very affordable with prices of about $80 for all the available colors. 


If you want to reinvent your style in an affordable, quick, and easy way, purchasing the Sure lift chair cover is the perfect option for you! We hope that is article was very informative and helpful in making your decision. Tell us what your opinions are about this review and the product in the comments below.

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