Signature Design by Ashley Recliner Review

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Everyone desires to have a home with unique pieces of furniture that give the room a modern look while still maintaining that home feeling. This is where Ashley’s furniture comes in. The company has invested in making furniture for years, and they have become one of the best in what they do. This can be seen with the kind of recliners they have made for decades.

There has been a significant improvement in the types of recliners they have been making, and their hard work and resilience in the market have brought forth the next generation of recliners. These recliners offer another level of comfort, and we will look at one of their best options to see if is what you had in mind for your needs and preferences.

Signature Design by Ashley Recliner

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The upholstered power lift recliner is a perfect example of the next generation of recliners that Ashley Furniture has made. This product has been blended well through its pillows that offer excellent support for your head and neck when you just want to rest after a long busy day. What’s more, this recliner has a power lift feature to help you back on your feet after taking that needed rest. This is just with the touch of a button.

Who Is This Product For?

When Ashley Furniture was making these recliners, they had one target market in mind. They focused on customers who wanted their living room space to have that comfy, classy vibe. This is because the design of this power lift recliner matches any living room condition with its generous pillow meaning the recliner was made for a home setup.

What’s Included?

After purchasing this recliner, you will find a power cord included in the box. This will be used to power the recliner for the functionality of the buttons for the different rest positions. You will also find a user manual that will guide you in setting up and powering your recliner. The power lift adjustable recliner will also be a part of the package.

Overview of Features

There are unique features that you will find in this power recliner. First, this recliner offers comfort and enough space for you to rest. This recliner comes in a generous 39″ W x 40″ D x 40″ H size which means you can spread on the recliner freely without worrying about falling. This recliner will not feel out of place once you bring it to your living area. Its design matches well with accent chairs, sofas, and couches. This recliner will make your living area look more functional.

Another fantastic feature that you will find in this upholstered recliner is its neutral hue. This piece comes in a truffle brown color that will make your living room look expensive and modern. The truffle brown color creates a warm contrast to your light wooden furniture giving your living room that neutral warmth.

As the name suggests, this recliner has an added feature that increases its comfort. Through the push of a button, you can adjust your sitting position from a horizontal relaxing position to a vertical one. This is known as the power lift feature, and it lets you get out of the recliner with ease. As a result, you don’t have to struggle to get out of your chair anymore.

One feature that makes the power lift recliner stand out is the amount of comfort it gives its user. Besides the aesthetic part of this recliner, you can take a quick nap on it as it has big dreamy pillows that are comfortable to lie on at any time. In addition, the recliner has a one-touch power button that lets you control which sleeping or sitting position you desire.

Nobody wants to buy a product that takes ages to set up. Ashely Furniture put that in mind and manufactured a power recliner seat that is easy to set up. A light assembly is all that is needed. You just have to snap the recliner seat back and plug the power cord into the wall and you can begin enjoying your new seat of comfort.

In addition, this product is UL-listed, meaning it has been tested and recognized to be free from the risk of electric shock and fire. This gives you the confidence that the recliner is safe to be used by anyone in your home without worrying about anything.

How to Use It

After purchasing this power recliner, you will find a power cord in the box, and you should connect it to the socket in the wall and switch it on. The next step is sitting on your recliner, and you can operate the one-touch button located on the armrest. Just press the button and you will notice different positions available, from a sitting position to a full recline position.


  • UL-listed product
  • It matches your living room furniture
  • One-touch button with adjustable positions
  • Easy to set up
  • It is oversized to increase comfort


  • Reduced quality after some time


The HOMCOM Living Room Power Lift Chair is similar to the Signature Design by Ashley Recliner. This is because the HOMCOM power lift chair has a power lift design that is comfortable and sturdy, and is easy to use, just like the recliner by Ashley furniture.

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The HOMCOM Living Room Power Lift Chair has a comparative advantage over the price of the Signature Design by Ashley recliner. You get all the features found in the recliner by Ashley furniture but at a lower price.


If you are looking for a power recliner that will give the living room that expensive modern look, the Signature Design by Ashley Recliner will work best for you. This recliner will work well for older people who have back problems and struggle standing after sitting. In addition to that, its neutral truffle brown color will compliment your space and make this chair feel like a part of your living room area.

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