Everything How To Repair Lift Chair

Everything How To Lift Chair Repair

Our lift chairs are undoubtedly the most loved piece of furniture in our homes, and so when something goes wrong and they stop working at their best you can really miss them a lot. Because there are quite a few parts to a lift chair, there are many issues you can find with them, but thankfully there’s usually an easy fix to the problem.

How To Repair Lift Chair

When your lift chair or lift chair mechanism suddenly stops working or something doesn’t feel right, your first step might be to call for help from a local technician. Although there are situations when you definitely should call in the experts, most of the time you can learn how to fix hydraulic chair yourself and with a few simple tools at home.

No Power Supply

As is the case with most appliances, many of the problems with them can be traced back to the power supply. If you find that your lift chair isn’t reclining or lifting as it usually does, the easiest first place to check is the power. Sometimes you just need a simple adjustment of the cord and other times there may be an actual issue with the cord itself as it’s damaged or frayed.

If you do find that there’s an issue with the electrical cord, this is an ideal time to contact an electrician as it can be dangerous to try and rectify this for yourself. However, make sure you check that the cord is actually plugged into the power supply before you make this call and potentially embarrass yourself.

Lift Mechanism Not Working

When you own a lift chair, you expect it to do as you ask when you command it to go up or down, so when it doesn’t listen to your commands you know there’s a problem. Whether your chair won’t get up or it won’t go down when you press the button, this is usually due to a defective hand control or switch, and not due to the motor as many would believe.

Lift Mechanism Not Working

The best way to fix this problem is by replacing the switch or hand control yourself, provided you can find the correct parts that the manufacturer recommends. Ensure that the chair is completely turned off and disconnected from the power supply before you attempt this though, and follow the instructions that come with the spare part.

Recliner Not Going Back

You may find that after some time the recliner will go back when the seat is empty but when someone is sitting in it then it no longer reclines. This is usually due to the gears in the motor as after some time they can begin to strip away. Take some time to listen closely to the chair as it reclines or attempts to, and if you hear grinding then it means you’ll need to replace the gears.

Chair Stopped Working After A Few Turns

If your chair has been getting a bit of a workout, you might find that after a few goes of up and down it no longer works. Many people think they’ve blown out the motor, but usually, it’s because you’ve overheated it with too much use. The simple solution to this is to leave it to rest for 15 minutes so that the motor can cool down and then try again.

Upholstery Coming Apart

Not all of the problems with a lift chair are due to electrical faults or mechanics, and one of the most common reasons that people use to upgrade their chairs is because the leather or fabric upholstery is coming away.

Upholstery Coming Apart

Hiring a professional upholsterer to redo the chairs is usually a lot cheaper than purchasing an entirely new one, and you then have the option to cover it in the material of your choosing. Although leather is a popular choice for chairs, some find that PU synthetic leather is actually more beneficial as it won’t overheat and cause you to stick to the lift chair.

Chair Doesn’t Sit Level To The Floor Any More

There’s nothing worse than a wobbly chair and it can completely ruin a relaxing time when you’re rocking side to side or backward and forward without any idea why.

There’s usually a simple solution to this, so you’ll need to have someone check underneath the lift chair to see if it still has the leveling guide underneath. These are easy enough to replace if it’s gone missing, or you can easily make your own out of a durable rubber.

Where To Find Lift Chair Parts

The best place to look for lift chair parts is through an authorized dealer of the brand your chair was purchased from, as this guarantees that you’ll get something that’s a perfect fit. However, if you can’t find the exact brand or model, you can contact a local supply store who sells lift chairs, medical supply centers or even a hardware store to see if they have the parts.

When Should You Call For Help

It might sound easy enough to fix your lift chair on your own, but for those who don’t feel very mechanically savvy, there’s no shame in calling a professional for help. Usually, though, these are simple problems that can be fixed at home and with minimal cost, so you don’t need to outlay hundreds of dollars just to get your favorite chair back in working order.

With any appliance, though, you should be careful when attempting to fix things for yourself as there are very real risks and hazards to consider. When working with anything that has an electrical component, it’s most important to ensure this is disconnected from the wall completely before even looking at it, so that you can be the safest recliner chair repair handyman possible.




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