Merax Lift Recliner Chair Review

Merax Lift Recliner Chair Review

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a comfortable chair and watching some TV or reading a book, but for many Americans, it can be a source of worry. Whether you’re elderly, not feeling as fit as you used to, or are recovering from surgery or injury, standing up from a simple chair can be a daunting task to do.

If you’re not necessarily having a hard time getting up, but just want the absolute best in comfort when you relax after a hard day, you’ve probably spent hours searching for a chair that can meet your needs. When you put both of these problems together, it seems there aren’t that many options available that can be supportive as well as comfortable, without costing a fortune.

Merax Lift Recliner Chair

Lift chairs are a great solution to this problem, offering you a bit of assistance when you’re looking to get up, but also plenty of options for reclining and relaxing. For many of us, though, they’re simply out of reach as they can cost upwards of $1,000, and so we suffer in silence and put our bodies to the test when we should be taking it easy.

The Merax Lift Chair has been designed to solve that problem by offering an affordable chair that helps with a range of medical problems and can optimize your comfort and relaxation time by a serious amount.

This chair serves two purposes as a power lift that can get you on your feet but as also a comfortable recliner that allows you to get the most comfort possible so you can enjoy your book or favorite TV show even more.

The Merax Lift Chair

Merax is a Californian based company that has been creating innovative and comfortable products for the home and office for over 20 years.

Their specialized Lift Chair is just one in a range of furniture that offers an ergonomical and comfortable approach to some of our most used pieces around the home, and it ticks all of the boxes for what you might be looking for in a lift chair or power recliner.

The Merax Lift Chair has been packed full of features that you normally don’t find in its price range, so if you’ve been searching for a simple solution to your chair problems they are here to help. When you put your faith in Merax and get their Lift Chair for your home, you’ll be getting:

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    Upholstered with soft and durable PU leather;
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    Padded armrest and thick side padded cushions for comfort all over;
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    Padded armrest and thick side padded cushions for comfort all over;
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    Side pockets to keep your belongings close by;
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    Extended leg rest and reclining back seat;

This Lift Chair by Merax is easy to assemble so there’s no need to worry about a lengthy setup, and you can be enjoying it in no time. Whether you’re looking to treat an elderly family member to a comfortable seat that they deserve or just want something luxurious for yourself to relax in each evening after work, the Merax Lift Chair certainly has it all.

What To Expect From The Merax Lift Chair

The Merax Lift Chair is available for such a low price in part due to the PU leather used in its construction, as this eco-friendly man-made leather is cheaper to produce.

There are plenty of benefits to using this compared to real leather, and in particular how cool it keeps the seat. Anyone who has tried a leather recliner before will know how uncomfortable and heated it can get when you stick to it, so this is a welcome change.

Merax Lift Recliner Chair pic

Some of the online reviews of this chair have stated that the reclining and lifting movements that it has are a little slow. However, this could be a positive for those with injuries or the elderly who like to take it easy, as there’s no need for them to rush when standing.

However, if you’re buying it for yourself and have no medical or physical problems, you might not be interested in waiting around for it to lift you to your feet.

Where To Buy The Merax Lift Chair

If you’re looking to invest in the Merax Lift Chair for yourself or a loved one, you can currently get the best deal online at Amazon. This chair comes in under $300 which is great value for money when you look at other medical reclining lift chairs such as this, mainly thanks to the use of PU leather rather than genuine leather.

Not only will get such a great price on the Merax Lift Chair, but Amazon will send it straight to your door for no cost at all. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you’ll have it sent express which means in just two days you can enjoy the comfort.

Merax Lift Recliner Chair IC

Merax offers a warranty on the lift chair, but for the best value for money, you should invest in an Amazon Accident Protection Plan.

This means that if your chair gets rips, stains, or anything else that happens to be your fault, they’ll replace it or fix it for you as long as it’s in the coverage period. You can get either three or five years plans ranging from $25 to $45 so it’s an essential investment.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been searching for a quality lift chair but just didn’t have the money to spend, you’ll be absolutely impressed by everything that Merax has to offer with their Lift Chair. This is suitable for those with medical conditions, the elderly, or just anyone who wants a bit of comfort and luxury in your life, and it’s all within most people’s price range.

To get yourself the Merax Lift Chair and change the way you relax, click here to purchase it. Not only will you find it the most comfortable seat of your life, you’ll use minimal effort just to get yourself up and down, all the while relaxing in style.

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