Magic Union Deluxe Lift Chair Review

Magic Union Deluxe Lift Chair

When you are a person that finds difficulty even in the simple task of getting up from the chair, it’s very easy to become confined in it.

The fear of the pain that will come will simply prevent you from wanting to get up from the chair – and you’ll end up being an “armchair potato” for life.

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Fortunately, for people with a handicap or the elderly, great inventors brought the lift chair. However, since most of them are bulky, it’s not easy to find something that you can fit in the room. In this respect, Magic Union came up with the Deluxe Wall Hugger lift chair.

About The Product

This lift chair has some fairly neat features, considering the price that it’s sold for. First of all, it’s very comfortable.

The cushioning is fairly soft, and it’s all held together by the sleek PU leather upholstery that you’ll simply love sitting on. It’s fairly breathable, so you won’t be feeling any discomfort if you use it during warm days.

  • High-quality, dirt and damage-resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Powered lift mechanism, backrest reclining, and built-in footrest
  • Five massage modes with four focus areas and eight massage points
  • Low and high speed for massages
  • Heat function that activates together with the massage one
  • 350 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Two removable wheels

The Magic Union Wall Hugger also comes with a massage mechanism that will allow you to choose from a total of five modes: normal, auto, wave, press, and pulse.

Furthermore, unlike most lift chairs from the “competition”, it has four focus areas: on the lumbar, on the upper back, on the thighs, and on the legs.

Aside from the massaging option, you also have a heat option. It activates each time you opt for a massage to reduce your stiffness and help with your sore muscles a lot faster.

Since this chair is a “wall hugger,” you will not have to place it away from the wall or leave recline space. The chair will be shifting by itself slightly towards the front, saving, therefore, space and trouble.

If you’re the kind of person who always likes to have a drink or snacks on them, you should know that the lift chair also has two holders for your cups as well as four storage pockets. It’s the perfect chair to have around as you are watching the evening football match.

This chair is a good option if you have difficulties standing on your own since it will support and lift you.

The Results

This chair is heaven-sent for those who need a little bit of extra support for their back and knees.

Magic Union Deluxe Lift Chair

I purchased it for myself after I recently went through knee surgery and my doctor recommended that I do not put any strain on my knees so that I won’t go through any complications.

This means that I need to get up with only one foot, and under no circumstance bend the knee. It’s possible to do, but it’s always a daily adventure – one that I could totally live without.

That’s why I decided that I should purchase a lift chair for myself to make sure that I don’t further injure myself. As a usually active person, I knew that prolonged sitting would be bad for my back – so I bought the Magic Union with the massage option.

And believe me when I tell you – when I turn it on, I feel like a hundred baby angels are taking turns to massage my sore spots, taking me straight to heaven and back.

The seat is very comfortable – not too soft, but not too hard either. It gets especially comfortable when I turn the heating system on; it’s the perfect thing to have around during the cold season.

Last but not least, the lift is perfect. I can get up from the chair without having to bend my knee, and the process barely involves any pain (as I know it would if I tried to get up the traditional way).

What Others Say

I’ve seen a lot of people with issues such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, and other ailments that prevent free movement – but most of the time, I’d read about elders that purchased it to make their lives easier.

They all seem to love how comfortable the cushioning is, but like me, they all have a soft spot for the massaging and heating feature. It really manages to take the edge off after you have been sitting for a long time now.

What We Liked

I said it once, and I’m saying it again: the massaging feature is divine!

I liked that you have not one, but four massage options. This way, if you feel like one is too strong or not for your mood, you can simply select another one.

What We Didn’t Like

I would have liked it more if you could activate the footrest separately from the backrest so that I could rest my leg on it without having to pull a separate chair.

Then again, this chair is mostly designed for elders, so I get why there isn’t much stress on the issue.

Buying Advice

This chair can be bought from many online stores, but I advise that you go to Amazon when purchasing it. Not only will you get free shipping, but you have all the chances of getting a discount on it as well.

Magic Union Deluxe Lift Chair


For instance, when I bought it, I got more than half off the price; so instead of paying almost $1,000, I paid a little under $500.

Final Thoughts

This chair is the best thing to have around if you are looking for comfort. Not only is it very fluffy to sit on, but the massaging option is literally god’s gift to earth.

I’d seriously consider spending all my life in that chair, getting a massage, if I didn’t know my hips would get gigantic from too much sitting.

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