Divano Roma Furniture Lift Chair Review

Divano Roma Furniture Living Room Chair Review

The struggle is real for those who have modern-looking homes: every lift chair you set your eyes on is either too expensive or looks like something your grandma would have owned in the 70s. There is no in-between.

Sometimes, miracles do happen, though – or at least it seems like they do. With the apparition of the Divano Roma Furniture lift chair on the market, people finally see hope.

Divano Roma Furniture Lift Chair

But is it really a blessing or just a wolf in sheep’s clothing? This review will give you some insight into that.

About The Product

This chair has been upholstered in durable bonded leather that will be comfortable for everyone all day long.

It is a piece of furniture that is perfect for those who can no longer get up on their own (regardless if it’s an ailment or old age). Instead, the chair will be doing it for them.

The mechanism involves a nearly full recline, where you also lift the footrest to sit more comfortably. These features are activated at the same time, so all you will have to do is press one button, and you’ll have a bed.

Unlike many other lift chairs from the competition, this one uses a German motor. It excels in smoothness and quietness, and you can control it with the remote that you can afterward simply throw in the side pocket after use.

  • Quiet German motor
  • Power mechanism
  • Ultra plush cushioning for full comfort
  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Wired remote control on the right side of the chair
  • 20.5 inches seat width
  • It comes in black and dark brown

This chair can hold 300 lbs with ease – even with the lift mechanism in full motion – and you may buy it in two colors: black or brown.

This chair provides a multitude of features while still ensuring it’s stylish. It is an asset for every modern home.

The Results

When I bought the chair, I was not completely sure what I was supposed to expect. I bought it because I saw it had many good reviews and thought it would fit right in with the living room of my home.

I bought this chair as a gift for my husband who has weak knees, but I also use it from time to time. And in all honesty, I was surprised when the chair arrived.

Divano Roma Furniture Lift Chair

It had a beautiful craftsmanship that you could not see in detail on the pictures. Plus, it only took us a few minutes to assemble.

It may not look like it, but the chair is fairly compact – enough to be a good fit with the rest of my furniture. When you look at it, you seriously think you are looking at an armchair; you only see the difference when it starts lifting.

The German motor also makes the difference, since it barely makes any noises. Once more, if you wouldn’t see me being lifted or reclining, you wouldn’t even know what was happening. I really liked this feature.

I expected the cushioning to be a bit softer since they claim it’s “ultra plush cushioning.” However, I don’t know if it’s because it’s highly compressed, but it’s more on the firm side.

My husband, however, has no problem with this whatsoever. He claims that it offers him more support this way.

What Others Say

I’ve read several opinions online to see what the general belief was about the Divano Roma Furniture lift chair. Many people complimented it on its look and the durability of the upholstery.

Even if it’s technically “fake leather,” it’s still fairly resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, it’s very comfortable, something that is highly appreciated by those who spend a great deal of time on the couch.

While we didn’t mind this, some did claim that the lift chair is not as comfortable as it sounds. Some users believe that it would have been a more satisfying purchase if the chair had been just a little bit softer.

What We Liked

We both especially liked the German motor that barely makes any sounds. For instance, if I’m working in the living room, I won’t be disturbed by the sound if my husband suddenly decides it’s time for a nap and reclines the chair.

I also liked the design. It’s nice and sleek, and will pretty much fit into every home décor. There is no swivel mechanism either; everything is electricity-powered, so you don’t have to operate it using your own strength.

What We Didn’t Like

There weren’t many things that I didn’t like, but I do admit that I found inconvenient the fact that you can’t activate the footrest without activating the backrest again.

If I want to lift my legs to take the pressure off my knees, I must make peace with the fact that I’d have to lie down as well. You can’t sit straight and lift your feet as well.

Buying Advice

You can find this chair for a little under $250 on Amazon, and it’s going to bring you a few perks as well.

Divano Roma Furniture Lift Chair

Source: houzz.com

You have the Free Shipping option – which is fairly convenient if you live away from the place of origin.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if someone asked me for advice on what the best lift chair would be, I’d definitely recommend them the Divano Roma one. It’s comfortable, it looks nice, and it has a neat mechanism system.

The German motor makes all the difference – and as with everything German-made, it won’t stop functioning anytime soon. Furthermore, it’s as silent as it can be for a power lift chair.

You can almost fully recline on your back, and the leather is also good for summer time: instead of making you hot, it will absorb the heat and keep you cool as you are relaxing.

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