DFM Power Lift Chair Review

DFM Power Lift Chair Review

When you are tight on space, the last thing you probably want is to buy another piece of furniture that you have nowhere to put.

That goes double when it comes to reclining chairs; it takes a lot of space just to get on its back. So, the only place you can really settle it in is the middle of the room.

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Thankfully, technology is evolving more and more nowadays. Now we have “wall huggers,” such as the DFM lift chair, the one that literally “hugs” the room in order to save some space. Here’s what this piece of furniture is all about.

About The Product

The DFM wall hugger is a very comfortable lift chair that is perfect for anyone who needs a little aid getting up from their seat. It’s a great option for those who have hip or back issues, but also for those who cannot stand pressure on the knees when standing up.

This chair is what one would call a “wall hugger,” meaning that you won’t be required to put distance between the item and the wall; the chair will simply move from its place slightly when activated, rolling away from the wall and reclining without causing you any space issues.

The back can recline to 135 degrees, which makes it perfect for afternoon power naps. The footrest and reclining system are activated at the same time, which means that one cannot function without the other.

The aspect of the chair is also fairly classy and appropriate for anyone living in a modern home. “Clothed” in high-quality leather and padded with deep foam for extra comfort, this is the chair you will want to have if you seek extreme comfort.

  • Infinite-position lift chair
  • It reclines to a 135-degree angle
  • It has two cup holders in the arm rests
  • It features deep foam cushioning
  • The chair comes with four frontal and side pockets
  • Solid wood frame that can withstand up to 350 lbs
  • Real leather upholstery

It has enough pockets and cup holders to make sure you never run out of water or snacks every time you decide to spend an afternoon watching TV in that chair.

Furthermore, this is a piece of furniture that doesn’t need you to swivel – since it works on electricity.

The Results

When I first bought this lift chair, I thought I had to spend a great deal of time putting it together; however, the pieces were installed so easily, I literally only had to spend a few minutes on it. Then, all you’d have to do is plug it into the outlet, and you’re good to go.

DFM Power Lift Chair

The chair itself is very comfortable; they weren’t kidding about the deep foam. You just sit in it, and it feels as if you’re sleeping on a cloud of fluff.

My first concern was the leather upholstery. At first, I thought it would get sticky and had me glued to it after sitting for too long. However, the leather felt great, soft – and most of all, it allowed movement.

It originally had a slight wiggle to it, but that can be fixed if you remove the wheels. Personally, I preferred to leave the wheels there, since it allows me to move the chair much easier. I live in an apartment, so each time it reclines, it will need some space to spread – which means it will have to be hoisted forward.

Overall, it passed my test when it came to assembly, comfort, and functionality. The remote control is also very easy to handle; with a single press of a button, I can either go forward or backward.

What Others Say

A lot of people complimented this chair on its fast assembly. They also loved the fact that it’s soft for a leather lift chair.

Most similar chairs have a packed cushioning, making them feel rather firm – which can become uncomfortable after sitting for some time. With this chair, this is no issue.

They also love the recline degree. If you take it to the maximum level, this chair can easily become a bed for its user. I admit I also use it like that sometimes.

What We Liked

I like the fact that it’s a “wall hugger.” It literally saves me a lot of space – which is already little enough as it is. Plus, it’s very soft; fluffier than your average armchair. It’s the perfect thing to sit in.

What We Didn’t Like

It would have been nice if the backrest and footrest could be operated separately. They only work together, so if you wanted to sit up while spreading your legs, you would not be able to do so.

Also, considering the quality of this chair, it would have been nice if they also added a massage or heating option. It would have made such a big difference, considering it’s already so comfortable and practical.

Buying Advice

This lift chair can be bought for a little over $500 from Amazon, where you may also get free shipping (depending on the seller).

DFM Power Lift Chair

Source: ebay.com

Also, based on the time you buy it, there’s the chance that you may get a discount for the chair. You’ll get a better price here than you would from other furniture stores – including the producer’s shop.

Final Thoughts

The DFM lift chair is the perfect piece to have around in every circumstance. It’s great as a reclining chair for those who are looking for a comfy rest. At the same time, it’s an ideal lift chair for those who cannot get up by themselves without a little help.

If anyone asked me for advice on what a good lift chair would be, I would wholeheartedly recommend this one. If you do decide to purchase it, it will probably be an investment that will last you a lifetime.

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