Classic Brands Bed Base With Massage Review

Classic Brands Bed Base With Massage Review

All buyers who are looking for an affordable yet high-quality adjustable bed base must take care of various factors before choosing the right product. Firstly, the material of the bed along and the reputation of its manufacturers decide the reliability of a model. Moreover, since all models come in different sizes; it is important to choose a size that best fits your lifestyle.

It is important to take care of these specifications before you invest your money into an adjustable bed base.

If you are looking for a tough and first-rate adjustable bed base, then the Adjustable Comfort Bed Base by Classic Brands is one of the best models that are immensely popular among today’s consumers.

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Since the brand is a trusted name in the adjustable bed base industry, you get a wide range of features. This bed benefits from a steel base with a polyester cover. What the base comprises of six legs is capable of supporting a combined weigh 1000 pounds.

The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed is engineered to last for prolonged use. It can withstand heavy weights without producing any creaking sounds. There is no need to adjust the bed frame for lying in your favorite position.

Since it is extremely convenient to assemble, you can unbox all parts and put the bed together as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Some buyers report that the assembly time takes less than 20 minutes, which is pretty impressive considering the performance you get out of this remarkable product.

People who are recovering from an injury or require post-operative care praise this bed's incredible dynamics to offer great support. Not only this bed is great for patients, hundreds of healthy individuals who want to relax after a tiring day also prefer the product.

Features And Benefits

This bed beats its counterparts with its convenient setup, affordable price tag, and ease of use. Unlike other conventional adjustable bed bases which do not present such superior features; this bed provides ultimate comfort and top-notch support to relieve a backache and sciatic pain.

This adjustable bed base is capable of inclining the lower and upper extremities. It massages your body, and the user can also plug in USB powered devices to charge them without any trouble. Some notable features:

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    Wireless remote
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    Head and foot massage
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    Programmable elevation positions
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    USB portsWhisper quiet bas
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    Whisper quiet base
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    3-speed separate dual head and foot massage
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    Programmable settings
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    5 Star Customer Service
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    Separate ergonomic foot and head elevations
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    Available 7 days a week

You get adjustable legs for different height options. You can use the bed with your desired memory foam mattress.

Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base USB

With superior incline capabilities, the adjustable bed base offers plenty of benefits to the modern user. You can manually modify the level of incline around your feet and heat. Moreover, sleepers can also choose a set of pre-programmed positions to enjoy a comfortable sleeping position.

These settings include positions for the lounge, TV/computer, and zero gravity. Possibly, the most popular is the zero-gravity position that raises both the feet and head to allow an enhanced blood circulation.

This feature means that this is a great addition to people who often wake up with a numbing or tingling sensation in their arms and legs. Thanks to the zero-gravity position, you can raise both the feet and heat for convenient breathing. Users also report that the bed is helpful in reducing snoring.

You can use convenient raise your head in the lounge position. This feature guarantees a relaxed environment for enjoying your favorite TV shows.

The bed is available in many sizes so you can choose the best one according to your needs. Another great thing about the adjustable bed is the USB port it features, situated on the side of the bed base and allows sleepers to plug in their devices including tablets or cell phones for charging. You can also plug in any USB-powered device to benefit from this multi-purpose bed base.

Thanks to its multiple massage options; sleepers love it for a calming effect. You can manually choose the area you would like to massage. The bed also offers wave massage options for a superior experience.

This massage works from top to bottom giving users the chance to choose the right pace according to their needs. There are three-speed options available to benefit from the wave massage (slow, medium and fast).

Although this is a fairly new adjustable bed, it is popular for its affordable price tag. It may not have the luxurious features of other expensive beds. However, what it does have is an intuitive set of controls with a highly pleasing design.

The bed does not have high-end features such a pillow tilting or wall hugging. Nonetheless, it is a great addition to your home if you want a basic, affordable yet multi-purpose adjustable bed

What Others Are Saying

Customers who purchased the Classic Brands adjustable bed are happy with this impressive model. Thanks to its easy controls and a well-rounded wireless remote; you can conveniently control this adjustable bed with its incredible one-touch capability.

Buying Advice

This great piece of furniture is popular owing to its specifications and strong steel base. This feature adds to the durability of this model. You get a reliable warranty that is proof of the brand's commitment to providing the best of products to its customers.

Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base


The model holds an impressive rating score on where thousands of customers have purchased this model. It currently ranks as one of the most affordable adjustable beds that are well-liked by consumers.

Final Verdict

The Classic Brand adjustable bed is currently one of the best affordable models available in the market. Now, anyone can enjoy the perks of having an adjustable bed. Thanks to its wonderful design and impressive dynamics; the bed offers a comfortable experience for its owners.

It serves more than a conventional flat sleep surface to take any desirable shape. Its intuitive features along with an aesthetic design make it a great addition to any living space.

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