Can A Lift Chair Swivel

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Furniture can be both functional and aesthetic. Lift chairs are more than just a comfortable recliner to rest your weary bones after a long day and are possibly one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you could own. Whether you have a health issue that requires a lift chair for medical reasons, or even if you just enjoy the comfort that this chair can give you, a lift chair is an excellent investment. 

But, one question has been asked repeatedly: Can a lift chair swivel? Below, we are going to learn more about lift chairs, their benefits, and what you should look for when buying a lift chair. So without further ado, let’s take a look at all things lift chair-related.

What is a Lift Chair?

If you have ever suffered the misfortune of ending up in a hospital or visiting a loved one after an illness or procedure, you have likely noticed the recliner in the room and wondered why they would put it there. 

A lift chair looks very much like a standard recliner and is available in various fabrics and materials to match any decor trends or looks. There are, however, differences between a recliner and a lift chair that have more to do with their function than their appearance. 

Lift chairs are the ideal piece of furniture for the elderly, those with medical issues, or anyone recovering from a medical procedure. They are designed to help you get up from a seated position easily and comfortably. The chair itself “leans” as you stand up, reducing the strain and effort it takes to get up again.  

How can a Lift Chair Benefit Me?

Do you suffer from a bad back? Are you currently recovering from a medical procedure that requires rest and reducing exertion on certain parts of your body? 

Lift chairs can help you be independent when recovering from or having a medical issue. For many with disabilities, one of the most important ways to give them back their independence is by investing in pieces of furniture or other products that can help them do things themselves and be independent. 

Here are a few benefits of a lift chair:

#1: Stability

A lift chair provides stability and reduces the exertion when getting up from a seated position. It tilts forward and allows the user to stand up by themselves. 

#2: Versatility

Great for use by those who are recovering from a medical procedure, the disabled, and the elderly, absolutely anyone can use a lift chair.

#3: Independence

As we mentioned before, independence is vital to those living with disabilities. A lift chair allows them to get up from a seated position without asking someone for help. 

#4: Support

With its reclining and tilting functions, a lift chair supports the muscles and body from exertion and is ideal for those who have issues with back pain or medical procedure recovery. 

But, Can it Swivel?

Not all lift chairs have a swivel function. If you want to buy a lift chair that swivels, a quick online search will provide you with numerous options of retailers that supply swivel lift chairs for your convenience. Choose from a variety of looks, materials, and fabrics to match your needs, decor, and budget perfectly without having to venture from the comfort of your home when buying online. 

 The Ultimate Lift Chair Buyers Guide

If you are searching for the ultimate lift chair for you or someone in your home, there are specific criteria that you should look at. While all lift chairs serve the same purpose, some include many bells and whistles that can make the chair even more versatile. 

Criteria #1: Number of positions or “modes”

A lift chair’s primary function is to aid the user in standing up from a seated position independently. Most lift chairs have more than one position. They can tilt back into a lying-down position, similar to a Lazy-Boy, which makes for a good day-bed when recovering from a procedure or resting after an accident or injury. Choose a lift chair with several positions to make it even more versatile to use. 

Criteria #2: Fit or comfort

Before buying any chair or piece of furniture, it is essential to test for comfort. Sit in the chair, feel how your body feels in it, and choose the lift chair that feels most comfortable. Try out and sit in as many chairs as you can until you find the perfect fit, much like Goldilocks and the debacle with the beds. Comfort is critical, and choosing a lift chair that feels like you are on a cloud is what you should aim for. 

Criteria #3: Material

Lift chairs can be aesthetically pleasing and are available in many fabrics and materials. You can choose one to match your decor if the chair becomes a permanent fixture in your home and one that is easy to clean and will not fade or wear down quickly. Leather or pleather options are popular, as they can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a cloth and are also highly recommended for their comfort. 

Criteria #4: Swivel Action

A swiveling lift chair can be handy for those who will spend most of their time either seated or reclining in the chair. A swivel action might make it easier for them to simply turn their chair to join a conversation or get a different view without shifting or moving the chair from its position. Choose a swivel chair for convenience and versatility of use. 

Final Thoughts

Lift chairs sound great, don’t they? With all the benefits of lift chairs, it is a wonder that not more people buy them simply for their comfort and versatility. If you want the best lift chair possible, refer to our buyer’s guide, and choose a lift chair that will suit your needs best. A lift chair is a significant investment, so take your time shopping around and reading reviews before making your final choice. 

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