A Guide To Finding The Best Recliner Chair Around

A Guide To Finding The Best Recliner Chair Around

There are few things worse than investing in a seat that you can relax in and then discovering that it doesn’t work anywhere near as well as you expected it. When you want to just kick back and relax after a rather stressful day, the best recliner chair would be an ideal investment. Today, we will be going over some of the top rated recliners around.

We have chosen three chairs for our recliner reviews so we could provide a good range of options for our readers. Everyone has different preferences, and a choice of three different chairs means that everyone who is reading this guide will be more likely to find a product which suits them.

Recliner Chair In Room

You may be wondering who makes the best recliner, but that depends on what kind of recliner you would prefer. Some manufacturers make recliners which are more affordable while others are better suited for customers who want the most comfortable recliner possible.

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Best Recliner Chair

Winner - Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair

This recliner from Homelegance is one of our favorite models thanks to its combination of value for money and extra features. If your budget is limited, you will come across few recliners which can match this product. For around 400 dollars, you get a recliner which can rival models that are twice as much. Some notable features of this product:

While lever-action reclining may be dated for the newest recliners on the market, it is a tried and tested mechanism, and it is reliable enough for your needs on this chair. Some customers may prefer real leather on their seats, but that ups the cost dramatically and becomes much harder to clean off.

Bonded leather ensures that you will be able to deal with any messes while keeping the price low at the same time. Much of the chair’s body is made out of faux leather vinyl. The use of this material in the construction of the chair guarantees additional durability and a more reasonable price point.

Homelegance 9668BLK-1 Glider Reclining Chair

Source: colemanfurniture.com


Since this recliner comes available in a choice of brown or black colors, you can opt for the color that suits your home best. Black will work with a wider range of aesthetics, but brown can look particularly sharp with some lighter colors. In the end, the choice of color is up to you, but it is always nice to have a choice.

One of the worst parts of purchasing some recliners is the assembly. Some chairs are nearly impossible to assemble correctly due to an overly convoluted design. Thankfully, this is one of the best recliner chair models for those who prefer more straightforward assembly processes.

Homelegance also designs a sofa and loveseat with a similar nail head accent. If you want to round out your living room collection for a reasonable price, there are worse sets that you can opt for. Being able to invest in a complete set instead of mixing and matching pieces allows for a more coherent overall design.

Unlike many lever-action chairs, this chair reclines quite smoothly, which makes for a much less jarring experience when you are trying to relax. All in all, this recliner provides some of the best overall value in this product category when compared to other models, and we would recommend it above most others.

Runner Up - Coaster Home Furnishings Modern Power Lift Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Up next on our list of recliner ratings, we have a model from Coaster Home Furnishings. While this chair is available for about 100 dollars more than our winning product from Homelegance, you can sometimes find it on sale for only around 420 dollars. Unfortunately, the extra 80 dollars when not on sale relegated this model to the runner-up spot. Some notable features:

  • Made of a textured padded velvet material for superior comfort over other models
  • The use of pillow armrests means that your arms will be as comfortable as possible
  • This chair uses a power reclination system, so you don't have to reach any levers
  • Comes available in a choice of five colors: brick red, charcoal, chocolate, taupe, and brown
  • Features side pockets for added storage space
  • Large back provides superior support

The larger selection of colors for this model of recliner means that it will be able to fit more styles of decor, from the brick red (which is best for more modern homes) to the brown one (more rustic). The coherence of the design of your living room is one of the most important considerations when buying a recliner.

Coaster Home Furnishings Modern Recliner Chair

Source: gvdesigns.com


This chair features textured padded velvet as the primary material used for the seat and back. The choice of this material means that this chair is much more comfortable than much of the competition, but it loses out a bit in aesthetic value. As comfortable as the padded velvet is, it can't match leather in looks.

The pillow armrests used in this recliner ensure that you will be comfortable no matter how you choose to sit down on it. Should you decide to drape yourself across this chair instead of sitting on it, the pillow armrests will be able to support you with much more comfort than other armrests.

One of our favorite features present in this recliner model is the power recline feature which means that you don’t even have to move out of your preferred position to recline the chair. While the action of reclining may not be as smooth as on some other models, it works well enough.

There are also pockets which are implemented on the sides of this recliner so you can store miscellaneous objects without the need of a nearby table. Thanks to the inclusion of a broad back, this is one of the best recliner chair models when it comes to support.

Alternative - Teyana Leather Recliner Club Chair

This is the last of our best reclining chair reviews. The Teyana leather recliner club chair is the best recliner chair for buyers who would prefer an affordable price point. Available for only 200 dollars, this recliner is only half the price of the other two products on this list so you can rest assured that you are getting the most for your money. Some notable features of this product:

  • Features a much more affordable price point than much of the competition
  • Comes availible in a choice of either red or white leather
  • This seat is made out of bi-cast leather for better looks
  • Features a wooden frame for lighter weight and adequate durability
  • Features a max weight capacity of 300 pounds

Since this chair comes in red or white upholstery, you can choose the color that suits your space best. Both of the offered colors are bolder than the ones that you will find on many other recliner models. In fact, the colors lend these chairs a retro aesthetic that is not present in competing products.

Teyana Reclining Club Chair

Source: houzz.com


Though the exterior of these chairs is made out of PU leather, you don't have to worry about issues with durability. PU (or bi-cast) leather has a reputation for cracking and being damaged with relative ease, but this product managed to withstand our stress-testing with relatively few issues.

Any other choice of material would have considerably increased the price of this recliner which would eliminate one of the main advantages present in this model. The relatively small size of this recliner means that you will be able to fit it into tighter spots.

If you want one of the best leather recliner chairs for a small apartment, the compact design of this model makes it an ideal choice. While some customers may see this design as diminishing the comfort, we would argue that the improved level of versatility is worth the sacrifice.

When you first receive this recliner, you will notice how much easier it is to assemble than other products. Since it comes in only two pieces, you can put it together in 10 to 15 minutes. If you would like a recliner which is usable as soon as it arrives, you will find few models better than this one.

This chair can accommodate most users since it features a max weight capacity that ranges from 250 to 300 pounds. If you want the most affordable recliner chair around, this model is very likely the best choice.

What Are Recliner Health Benefits?

You may be wondering why you would wish to opt for a recliner above any other chair type for your living room. Unlike other seats, recliners reduce the amount of strain on your back since they allow you to sit back further. Since a recliner supports your back as you lean, it is as healthy as it is comfortable.

Woman Laying On Recliner Chair

While leaning back in a seat which does not recline can contribute to back issues later on in life, a recliner will keep your back in position as you relax. On every other chair, you should keep your posture as straight as possible, but recliners are designed to provide the best possible level of support.

Why Should You Choose Your Recliner Carefully?

When choosing the best recliner for your needs, you will want to make a careful decision. The wrong recliner can end up leaving you with back pain for a long time to come. Opting for the most comfortable model will not only provide a more enjoyable sitting experience, but it will also improve your health.

If you are trying to find the ideal recliner chair for your needs, you will want to pay close attention to the best recliners reviews. Reviews are especially helpful if you aren’t able to try out the chair before you purchase it. The more detailed the review, the easier you will find it to make a choice.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Product

Here are some of the most important things you should take a look on before you buy yourself a brand new recliner chair:


Before you purchase your ideal recliner chair, you will want to consider the perfect size for your needs. A larger chair will not be able to fit into the same number of places, but it will be much more comfortable. Of course, you will also have to consider your size.

Larger customers will want to opt for larger chairs since they may not be comfortable in chairs with smaller frames. If you are smaller, however, you may still prefer a larger chair since you will be able to position yourself in it differently based on how you are most comfortable.


The material which is used in the construction of your chosen recliner will have a significant effect on the price and various aspects of the seat. For example, leather recliners will be more durable and comfortable than other models, but they will also be much more expensive.

Recliner Chair Leather

You have a choice of various types of faux leather when choosing your recliner as well. For example, PU leather may be less durable than regular leather, but it is much more affordable and common. There are also many recliners which are made with fabric exteriors.


When choosing your ideal recliner, you will want a product which is as comfortable as possible. Recliners which are superior regarding comfort will usually see the most use since that is the main feature that most customers will search for in their furniture.

Thankfully, a recline does not necessarily have to be more expensive to be more comfortable. Some of the best recliner chair models when it comes to comfort are some of the most affordable choices.


Finding the best recliner chair isn’t as hard as it may seem, you just need to know what you want out of it. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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