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As people age, their mobility begins to deteriorate, which can sometimes affect their independence. Losing their independence can also affect their mental health. So in order to allow those petite elderly individuals to maintain some form of independence, lift chairs are often invested in. There is a wide range of options, and below we are going to take a look at some of the best lift chairs for petite people on the market today.

Lift Chair Reviews

Pride Mobility LC-358

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The first lift chair on the list is from Pride Mobility and is a three-position lift chair designed for the petite person. Crafted with a ton of excellent materials and features, this unit is perfect for just about anyone. 


This unit comes from the Heritage Collection 300 series from this lift chair manufacturer. It is an FDA class II medical device and is crafted utilizing high-quality steel alloy. This lift chair has been tested thoroughly to ensure reliability and durability. Crafted with a heavy-duty actuated lift and scissor mechanism, anyone can easily operate it. The unit comes with a seven-year prorated warranty on the components and a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame.

Because of the components used in this lift chair, there are a lot of great benefits that one can take advantage of. The high-quality lift actuator and scissor mechanism provide an easy and smooth lift. In order to use these high-quality components, the designers opted to make an easy-to-use control system that any person can master. Along with that, the high-quality materials, both in components and frame, improve the durability of this unit.

When it comes to comfort, this unit is not lacking either. The exterior is covered with a soft fabric that makes the chair comfortable to sit in for hours. This chair can be customized to fit so that no matter who uses it, they will have a heightened level of comfort.

That being said, a few issues need to be addressed before any final decision can be made. The first is that though it is easy to use, it is not outfitted with a manual release. That means if anything goes wrong, people could be stuck in an uncomfortable position. On top of that, some may find that it is a bit pricey, especially if they’re working on a tight budget.


  • Chair offers an easy and smooth lift
  • Finished with high-quality soft fabric for comfortability
  • Crafted with easy to use controls
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials for improved durability
  • Chair can be customized to fit the individual


  • Not designed with a manual release
  • Some may find the price to be a bit on the steep side

Mcombo Power Lift Chair

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The next lift chair for petite individuals on the list is a three-position model with a wealth of extra features meant to elevate its performance. These extra features increase the value and make it a high-quality investment for those looking for a budget-friendly option. 


This faux leather power lift chair comes in a couple of different colors to make sure they match any interior well. Other than the aesthetic, though, the unit is crafted with a counterbalanced lift mechanism and a TUV-certified motor to ensure high-quality performance and comfort. Crafted particularly for petite people, the length of the backrest has been shortened and the headrest is perfect for those of this stature.

This lift chair is designed as a three-position style model, which gives a range of positions for the petite older person to emphasize comfort. Along with this, to help with physical well-being, the designers included a vibration and heating massage option. This, of course, elevates the value significantly. That, coupled with the high-quality, reliable motor, means that this unit is durable and functions at peak performance.

The inner workings of this lift chair are amazing but so too are the outer workings. Finished with a faux leather covering, it makes for a classic addition to any interior decor. All of that wrapped in a budget-friendly price means that it offers a ton of value to anyone who chooses to invest in it.

But just because it is a budget-friendly option and outfitted with many great components doesn’t mean that it is perfect. In fact, some find that though it is specifically designed for a petite person, it is still a little too small for some individuals. Along with that, to keep it functioning at its highest performance, there will need to be continual maintenance carried out.


  • Lift chair is designed in a three-position style build
  • Comes with heating and vibration massage for increased comfort and physical well being
  • Outfitted with a high quality, robust, and reliable motor
  • Materials used in finishing the piece are durable and easy to clean
  • Price versus value outweighs many of its competitors


  • Some find the size a bit too small for their liking even though they are petite
  • Issues with continual maintenance necessary to ensure proper performance

Irene House Power Lift Chair

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For those looking for a lift chair that gives an infinite position option, the next one on this list may be a good choice. This unit is an electric-powered lift recliner chair that is finished with a leather exterior and has a wealth of other amazing features as well.


This leather power lift chair is designed with high-quality materials, including a leather exterior and a powerful electric dual motor. Both the backrest and footrest are adjustable, and it uses a simple four-button hand control to operate. On top of that, the unit is crafted with a lumbar pillow for improved comfort and side pockets for better organization.

Those looking to invest in a lift recliner chair often have mobility issues, so finding one that is easy to operate with little to no difficulty is a plus. This unit uses a four-button hand control that allows for a simple push button and easy reclining. The motor is powerful but quiet, so there is no interference with the warm atmosphere of one’s home. But maybe the best thing is that it has an infinite position design that allows for a complete stretch position if necessary.

Aesthetically, this is a good-looking lift chair as well. Crafted with multiple options when it comes to not only fabric but color, one can ensure that they will get the proper fit for their home decor. Along with this, the high-density sponge used in the seating makes for an even more optimized comfort level which is exactly what people are looking for when investing in one of these chairs.

Though it is super comfortable, and the seat filling is a plus, some have found that it is designed with a deep seat bed that can be uncomfortable for certain body types. If one happens to be over 300 pounds, this chair is not designed to support them, which could be a deciding factor.


  • Lift chair uses a push-button for easy reclining
  • Designed using an Okin motor which is powerful and quiet
  • Crafted in a plethora of colors and fabric choices for better matching of aesthetic
  • Built with an infinite position design, including a full stretch position
  • Seating is filled with a high-density sponge for optimized comfort


  • Only supports up to 300 pounds
  • Some find the deep seat pan a little uncomfortable

Homall Power Lift Chair

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The following power lift chair is crafted in a classic lounge chair design and comes with many features. This includes a safety motion reclining system and user-friendly remote control. 


This lift chair is outfitted with a sturdy wooden frame and is operated by an approved lift motor for optimal comfort and performance. The chair is finished with a soft memory foam cushion and wrapped in a premium-grade fabric for both comfort and an aesthetically classic look. In order to control that high-quality motor, the designers chose to include a user-friendly remote control as well.

This lift chair is designed to utilize a safety motion reclining device for improved usability. Along with that, every material used in this model is a premium grade level which helps with durability and comfort. With the classic design, the chair can still relieve the pressure on the knees for elderly individuals who need it.

When it comes to sitting and watching television or talking with friends, one wants to be comfortable. That is why the designers opted to utilize a thick memory foam cushion as the seat filler. This ensures that there will be optimal comfort at all times. On top of that, the assembly is quick and easy, making this an excellent investment for many people.

Though it is explicitly crafted for petite individuals, those that are super petite may still find this chair to be a bit on the big side. This could cause a little discomfort and make it hard to get up and out. Along with this, the unit is not outfitted with a massage or heating system, which would be an added bonus and help with mobility issues.


  • A safety motion reclining device is included in the purchase
  • Utilizes premium grade materials for improved comfort and durability
  • Overall design is intended to help relieve pressure on the knees for elderly individuals
  • Seat is crafted with a thick cushion for more comfort
  • Assembly is quick and easy


  • Some petite individuals still find the chair to be a little bit on the big side
  • Chair is not outfitted with a massage or heating system

Giantex Power Lift Chair

The last power lift chair for a petite individual on the list is one that has a heavily padded cushion option that gives an almost theater-like seating quality to the living room. This unit from Giantex is outfitted with a ton of great attributes that will help elevate its performance and comfort. 


This recliner is outfitted with a soft fabric and heavily padded cushions in a theater-style seat design. The unit is designed with a counterbalance lift mechanism that provides for a smooth and quiet performance. Included in the design is a retractable footrest, and all of this is wrapped around a durable metal frame and a tiltable backrest. Finished with larger-sized padded cushions and a vibration massage function, this unit is a high-quality option that offers a lot of great benefits.

When it comes to design, this power lift chair shines. Everything from its four-point massage system that offers eight different vibrating settings to the adjustable backrest is designed to help make this chair customizable to the individual’s needs. It is also outfitted with side pockets for improved organization and easier retrieval of items like remote controls.

The wider armrests and thicker back help with more comfortability. It is also designed with a breathable and soft material that heightens the user’s comfort. The overall size is perfect for those of a petite frame, making this a high-quality option that deserves to be on an individual’s potential investment list.

Though the material is very soft and comfortable, it is a faux fabric, which means that it does show damage and can be damaged very easily. The only other issue is that this is not an infinite position option, and that means that it does not have a full stretch position available to the user.


  • Lift chair is crafted with side pockets for improved organization
  • Materials are both premium grade as well as breathable for improved comfort
  • Includes a four-point massage system and eight different vibrating massage levels
  • Crafted with a tiltable backrest for improved customization 
  • Designed with wider armrests and a thicker back for improved comfortability


  • The faux leather does tend to get damaged easily
  • Does not have the ability to extend entirely out in a full stretch position

Final Thoughts

Having independence and a reduced pain level is something many seniors look for in furniture. In order to meet these needs, investing in a lift chair is a good option. Those shorter than 5’6″ or who have a more petite frame will want to choose a lift chair designed for a petite person. The above models are some of the best available, and we hope that our in-depth look has helped those out there in their final decision-making process.

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