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The improvement in furniture technology has led to the development of lift assist chairs with advanced features for improved comfort and reliability. Due to the increase in the number of people experiencing back-related problems, investing in a good, comfortable chair is wise. 

Nowadays, you have a wide variety of lift chairs in the market to choose from. We have narrowed that list down to five that we think should suit anyone looking for advanced chair lift assistance. If you want the best value for money when you go chair shopping, consider the ones below.

Best Chair Lift Assist Reviews

SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Lift Assist Chair

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If you want to buy a chair lift assist for your elderly parents or grandparents, or want one for yourself due to their portability and comfort, consider purchasing the SitnStand Self Rising Lift Chair. Weighing just 8.8 lbs, this chair supports people who weigh up to 265 lbs. 

This chair lift assist was made to offer everyone, specifically the elderly, a comfortable and independent way to sit or stand. You should consider getting it for yourself or your loved ones as it significantly increases mobility among seniors and the physically challenged.


The chair is quite easy to use. All users have to ensure they are well seated and both legs are steady on the floor before using it. You can also expect this technically advanced chair to inflate for up to 8 inches with a click of a button. 

The manufacturers carried out a series of tests beforehand to ensure the seat will reach the ideal height when inflated. They looked up the perfect mix of stability and height to ensure even the most elderly users with mobility issues could stand with a minimum risk of falling. 

The SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat was brought to the market to make life easier for the user. It is easy to assemble, and installation is safe so that anyone can do it at home. It comes with a medical seat lift-assist linked to recliners to help the elderly when the need arises. Easily accessible up/down buttons will fill the seat cushion with air or deflate it steadily for maximum comfort as you sit or stand.

This chair was made to make the life of seniors as independent as possible, with zero to minimum assistance required. You can place it on regular-standard chairs, armchairs, sofas, couches, and non-lift recliners.

Made for short and tall people, the seat comes fully equipped with four chambers that can lift adults weighing up to 256 lbs, making it suitable for most people.

Since the elderly enjoy watching their favorite Tv sitcoms at home, SitnStand made the chair with the softest, most comfortable materials available. As a result, users can sit for an extended period without becoming exhausted or feeling uncomfortable.

The assist chair weighs just under 9 pounds, carry bag, charger, and battery included. The cushion covers are easy to remove, carry and wash at home.  


  • It offers maximum comfort
  • Can accommodate heavy users
  • Users can attach it to chairs, sofas, and other furniture at home
  • Easy to unpack and assemble
  • It comes with portable and washable seat cushions
  • Features adjustable/ inflatable cushions to fit users of all heights


  • The controller is only fitted on one side of the chair (the right side) 
  • Its cord is too short to be stretched to the left side

Carex Uplift Premium Seat Assist

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Do you want your parents or grandparents to live a comfortable life, as independent as possible, requiring zero to minimum assistance? Then buy them a Carex Uplift Premium Seat Assist. The Carex uplift premium seat was made for all users with light to modest mobility difficulties, often due to prevailing medical conditions such as arthritis. 

This lifting seat makes the lives of seniors in the community comfortable and hassle-free through the use of LeveLift technology. The Carex Uplift premium seat offers value for money. It was built to accommodate heavy users and features a lift technology that does not require power to function.


The premium seat assist is propelled by a hydro-pneumatic gas spring that does not require batteries or electricity to function. As the user stands up from a stationary position, the lift feature automatically activates itself and lifts to 70% of their weight as long as it doesn’t exceed 350 lbs.

It also comes with an inbuilt carry handle and weighs 9 lbs making it very portable and suitable for home and outdoor use. 

The memory foam and waterproof cover that comes with the cushion ensures that users experience an extended level of comfort and durability. In addition, you can modify the seat’s setting to accommodate your weight better. The upholstered part of the seat’s surface can bend outwards when the user changes the settings, causing the piston to swing freely without becoming damaged regardless of how many times you repeat the process.

You also can mount the lift assist chair to an armchair, couch, or sofa. So, go ahead and use it anywhere you like. You’ll be provided with a standing aid for enhanced portability. 

Cleaning the seat is relatively easy because of the lightweight waterproof cover and foam cushion.

Disabled users and users with low body strength due to prevailing medical conditions such as Parkinson’s or arthritis will benefit from this premium seat assist. The seat lifter was made from the finest materials to offer enhanced comfort and allow users to sit for long periods without becoming too tired.  


  • It does not require batteries or electricity to function
  • It can support heavy users weighing up to 350 lbs
  • It comes with a built-in carrying handle
  • Users can flex the piston as much as they want without damaging the seat
  • The use of LeveLift technology to provide a lift makes it safe and gentle
  • Cleaning is fast and easy using a damp cloth


  • It is slightly heavy to carry

Seatboost Lift Assist for Elderly

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Seat Boost makers were thinking of the future when they decided to make this lift assist chair. Although the product is non-electric, it features an easy-to-lift cushion to provide all senior patients and people recovering from surgery with additional mobility and comfort. In addition, because it uses a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, users can easily carry it on the go without worrying about whether or not they will find a power source to power or charge it.


Unlike many other seat recliners at a similar price range, the Seatboost Lift Assist was made to offer 100% assistance to its users. Any person weighing 340 lbs or less can get the seat boost lift assist. 

Due to design improvements, all older men and women can get this chair to assist without giving up their favorite chair, sofa, or armchair. The Seatboost Lift Assist is flexible enough to mount on a wide range of furniture.

What is a good chair assist without comfort? This Seatboost chair will wow users with memory foam cushions made for maximum comfort to allow users to sit for long hours. It’s also suitable for people with mobility issues, such as the disabled. It has a 9-foot code for easy access and control by the user.

Its hydro-pneumatic gas spring system can gently lift 11 inches off the user’s weight as soon as they get up, without requiring any form of propulsion from electricity or batteries.

To offer more customization to its users, the manufacturer found it necessary to include mobility cushions that allow users to make settings that correspond to their weight.

If you are looking for an affordable but effective chair lift assist, get the seat boost chair lift. Even though the lack of recliner support can be a deal-breaker for most people, it still has some impressive features to benefit the user.  


  • Includes a long 9-foot cord
  • High lifting capabilities (up to 11 inches when standing)
  • Easy to mount on furniture
  • It does not require power to function
  • Portable thus can be placed outside the house


  • Parts wear out quickly

Upeasy Lifting Cushion Assist

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Have you ever sat on a chair and felt sore just a few hours after? Imagine what the elderly feel after spending very long hours at home seated on the same uncomfortable chair with no one to assist them when standing or sitting down. Research shows that most people develop back problems as they age. This can make it more difficult to stay seated for long periods.

Fortunately, a heavy-duty chair lift is capable of turning all that around. It’s just as easy as turning a regular seat into a lifting chair. If you are looking for a portable seat lift cushion to help you sit or get up more easily, consider getting the Upeasy Lifting Cushion Assist. This portable lifting cushion seat will work on most armchairs and sofas, giving people living with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and joint problems a chance to sit and stand more easily.   


The Upeasy Lifting Seat Cushion can fold flat for increased portability. It is very flexible and users can place the lifting cushion assist on any furniture at home, including sofa and chairs, and convert it into a lifting chair. We highly recommend it for patients with prevailing medical conditions that later result in reduced mobility or loss of lower body strength. 

Just remember that the front of Upeasy should hang over the armchair at the front. To lower the seat once you are seated, lean slightly back.

It’s pretty easy to use the automated lift feature. Just use your hands to lift some of your weight gently. The auto-lift mechanism will be triggered immediately, and an upward push will be exerted on your back, helping you stand up more easily. 

If you are on a tight budget but still want to purchase a reliable lift assist chair, get the Upeasy Lifting Cushion Assist. You will get just the basic features of a chair lift, but it will serve you well and for an extended period.


  • It offers increased mobility to the elderly and handicapped
  • It is flexible and can be placed on any furniture
  • It has an auto lift mechanism to lift some of the user’s weight when they are getting up
  • Supports up to 340 lbs


  • It has few features compared to other chair lift assists

AW Lifting Cushion

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AW has yet again come up with a magnificent product guaranteed to satisfy the needs of most people looking for a reliable lifting cushion. It uses the popular yet efficient gas spring system to provide an upward thrust which is helpful among senior patients with back and knee problems. You will definitely get value for your money when you purchase the AW Lifting Cushion, and we will show you why. 


If you are physically challenged or elderly and weigh less than 300 lbs, you can most certainly benefit from the benefits provided by this lifting device.

The AW Lifting Cushion is made from strong, durable materials that provide users with up to 70% lift assistance. This was proven useful, especially among patients with back or knee problems due to old age, injury surgery, or even birth-related defects. The thrust provided by the lift assist will take off some of the additional weight that is often problematic among users with the mentioned issues.

Using a hydro-pneumatic gas spring system to provide lift instead of electricity, users benefit from reduced power bills and muscle strain that would be the case if they had to keep getting up to turn on the power socket. In addition, the device is equipped with technology that makes it easier to adjust the height and angle per the users’ needs.

AW fit to include a rubber band to make it easier for users to carry the lifting cushion. A non-slip design was also created by using a non-slip glue mat underneath the cushion to make it harder for the cushion to slip off when the patient is seated comfortably. The cushion was made from a dense 60D sponge for additional comfort. You can easily remove the cushion covers to have them cleaned.    

AW clearly had reliability in mind when using a metal bottom instead of a plastic one when making the AW Lifting Cushion. Unfortunately, this was disadvantageous to users, who primarily consist of seniors and handicapped, since they spend most of their time seated, and the material used is uncomfortable for most. 


  • Made from strong, durable materials
  • Uses a hydro-pneumatic gas spring instead of electricity
  • It has a non-slip cushion design to prevent it from falling off
  • It comes with a rubber band for easy portability
  • Offers thrust that lifts off 70% of the users’ weight
  • Enables users to adjust the angle and height of the cushion


  • Its metal bottom makes it uncomfortable to sit on for long hours

Final Verdict

For those looking for a chair lift assist that is good all-round, we recommend going for the Sitnstand Portable Smart Rising Seat- Chair Lift Assist. It is the most technologically advanced out of the others listed and offers impressive features. Carex is also a good choice for those weighing more than 300 lbs. If you are looking for simplicity and are on a budget, you can try out the Upeasy Lifting Cushion Assist.

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