A Comprehensive Guide To Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable beds are beds which have multi-hinged lying surfaces; you can profile them to a variety of different positions. A few common adjustments are raising your lower body and inclining your upper body independently of each other.

Some other features are height adjustment, which you can best achieve with a height-adjustable bed. You can also tilt the adjustable bed to raise your lower body or upper body into different positions such as the Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg.

Moreover, the market for adjustable bed bases (motorized) is witnessing phenomenal expansion, because the mattress industry is promoting them heavily to customers as a lifestyle and comfort choice.

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Adjustable beds are also known as adjustable foundations or bases. They provide numerous sleep positions. You can raise and lower the foot and the head of the bed to various combinations and levels. In most cases, you can lower or raise the whole bed as well.

Brief History

Dr. Willis Gatch developed the first adjustable bed in the nineteenth century. The product he designed and produced is known today as a standard adjustable bed.

These adjustable beds were extensively used in hospitals and healthcare facilities and provided excellent relaxation, comfort, and recuperation. Many soldiers also used the beds in World War I who were injured and needed healing.

Why You Need An Adjustable Bed?

As a rule of thumb, if you get relief from a backache and shoulder or neck discomfort by lying in a reclined position, it is likely you would benefit from using an adjustable bed.  Also, an adjustable bed can be particularly beneficial for you if you have any of the following health conditions:


If you rest in a reclined pose, an adjustable bed can help lower your osteoarthritis pain in the spine as it minimizes joint compression.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

If you sleep with your back and knees elevated in an adjustable bed, you can alleviate the lower back pain triggered by degenerative spondylolisthesis.

Spinal Stenosis

If you lean forward in an adjustable bed, you can alleviate the symptoms of spinal stenosis, which makes an adjustable bed a great option for pain relief.

Moreover, adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses are ideal for people recuperating from a back surgery.

Adjustable Bed Types

There are different kinds of adjustable beds available in the market that improve comfort and health and relieve different kinds of pain.

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Some common types of adjustable beds are:

Standard Beds

Standard adjustable beds could be raised to about 80 cm and lowered to about 40cm and can support a maximum weight of 180kg. These beds can fit most headboards and bed frames and have foot retainer bars that secure the mattress.

Low Beds

Low adjustable beds are similar to standard adjustable beds; however, these beds have a platform height of at least 20 cm.

Ultra-Low Beds

These adjustable beds are ideal for use without side rails, and you can lower them to only 65 mm to 70 mm from the ground. This height ensures minimum impact in case the user falls from this bed, particularly when used with crash mats.

Single Adjustable

A single adjustable bed has a single large adjustable surface. These beds can be full, twin, king or queen sized and if you adjust one part, the entire bed will be adjusted, not just a single side.

Dual Adjustable

These beds have two parts and are intended for two individuals. You can adjust each section of both sides independently of each other. Therefore, if you want your head lowered with your feet elevated, while your spouse wants a different position, it can be easily achieved in seconds.

Adjustable Bed Benefits

There are various benefits of sleeping or resting on an adjustable bed, as discussed below.

Reduce Back Pain

Adjustable beds are suitable for patients with back pain.  Flatbeds may not offer adequate spinal cord support, which can lead to restless sleep and excess back pain. In contrast, an adjustable bed can be inclined at forty-five degrees to provide excellent relief from back pain. Moreover, patients who have undergone lower back surgery find adjustable beds far more comfortable.

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Relief From Heartburn And Acid Reflux

Patients who have acidity can benefit from elevating their upper body six to eight inches. This position can help your stomach retain the acids, whereas on flatbeds acid can move to your esophagus, and cause episodes of heartburn and acid reflux.

Read, Work And Watch Comfortably

Many people love to read or watch TV in bed and have to use various pillows to prop their bodies into an upright position to avoid the uncomfortable strain on the arms and back. Adjustable beds easily eliminate this hassle and allow the users to get into an upright position for reading, working on a laptop, watching a movie, or simply enjoying breakfast in the comfy bed.

Relief From Edema Pain

Patients who have swollen legs and feet experience excruciating pain or discomfort. By using an adjustable bed they can raise their legs, knees, and feet to get maximum relief. Sleeping or resting while keeping your legs raised helps prevent the accumulation of fluid and lowers pain. Patients with pulmonary edema can benefit from sleeping with their chest and head elevated.

Prevent Insomnia

A lot of people have insomnia. An adjustable bed provides a variety of sleep positions, which can help these patients find a suitable position to get them to sleep quickly without constantly tossing and turning. Moreover, enhanced blood flow circulation and better oxygen levels also induce sleep.

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Our buying guide will discuss why you should choose your adjustable bed carefully and what factors to take into account when choosing your adjustable bed. We will also provide a few recommendations.

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