Nowadays, the market is full of so many lift chairs of all shapes and sizes – to the point where you don’t even know which product you should choose from there. One manufacturer says that they have the best lift chairs while the others claim the same thing.

Most people may not know exactly what a lift chair is – but they have definitely seen one before, without even knowing it. How, you may ask? It’s because a lift chair looks no different than your average armchair or reclining chair; the only difference is that it has...

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Magic Union Deluxe Lift Chair Review

When you are a person that finds difficulty even in the simple task of getting up from the chair, it’s very easy to become confined in it. The fear of the pain that will come will simply prevent you from wanting to get up from the chair...

Divano Roma Furniture Lift Chair Review

The struggle is real for those who have modern-looking homes: every lift chair you set your eyes on is either too expensive or looks like something your grandma would have owned in the 70s. There is no in-between.

DFM Power Lift Chair Review

When you are tight on space, the last thing you probably want is to buy another piece of furniture that you have nowhere to put. That goes double when it comes to reclining chairs...

Coaster Home Furnishings Lift Chair Review

Every person that went past their prime knows the struggle of getting up after sitting in the same position for a long time. If you have severe arthritis, even the simple act of putting pressure on your knees is painful for you.